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Easy start, stay on track and be done

Being busy studying all day only to get the feeling you haven't accomplised anything? Who doesn't know this feeling. But you can battle this by learning with Flashcards: 

  • Getting started

    With Flashcards your break down your material into small units. This way you get a good overview. And it's always easier to start with small portions, isn't it.

  • Stay motivated

    Minimize your distractions by studying without your laptop and phone. Your Leitner Planner will help you staying motivated. But is there anything more motivating than seeing your stack of cards getting smaller every day?

  • Be done

    The Leitner System is very clear and you will know exactly when you are done, both daily as well as ready for the exam. That's why you can finish your study session with a good concious and the not with a feeling of "I could have done more"!

Leitner System : This is how it works

1. Get organized

In the first step you break down you material into smaller units. This helps you getting organized and you get a realistic overview over your study goals. Writing your flashcards is the first step of learning.

2. Repeat with Leitner

Learn daily the cards you don't know, refresh regularly cards you do know and shoot your knowledge straight into long-term-memory. With flashcards you learn most efficiently in short, but daily study sessions.

3. Protect your free time

Daily and short study sessions leave you feeling effective and protect your free time as well. Learn without distractions and enjoy your free time with no more guilty conscience. When you are done, you are really done.

This is how to learn, step by step

1. Write your Flashcards
First step is to break down your study material. One question or term on one side, the response or definition on the back side. This works also really well with vocabulary.

2. Learn Box 1
Check what you already know by going through the cards in Box 1. Do you know the answer? Then the cards can go to box 2. If you are not sure yet, they stay in box 1. The cards can be shuffled and checked from both sides.

3. Repeat the content of Box 2
After two days, repeat the cards from box 2. If you have forgotten an answer, put it back in box 1. If you know the answer, the card can go in box 3.

4. Refresh with Box 3
 After five days you can check whether what you learned is still in place. If yes, then you are completely finished. If not, the cards can be put back in box 2 and repeated.

4. Done!
Do you remember all the cards from box 3? Then you're done and the topic is saved for the long term. You are guaranteed to pass this exam!

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Discover the Leitner Flashcards System

Did you know: Flashcards help you use all your senses.

You may have heared this before, using all your senses helps you memorize better. That's why with Flashcards we encourage you to use all your senses. Write with your hand and feel the words, say answers out loud and use different colours for association.

Leitner Flashcards in use 

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When to learn with Flashcards

You can learn with flashcards for almost any topic and at any age. It is commonly used to memorize:

  • vocabulary (for learning languages)
  • Learn definitions and technical terms
  • Understand and memorize connections

You can use Flashcards in

  • uni & gymnasium
  • language courses
  • for kids (for example tables, capitals etc)
  • preping for final exams

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About us

Helping her niece prepare for her A-levels: that was the initial motivation of our founder Patricia in 2018. Without further ado, she designed the pretty flashcards based on the Leitner Learning Method from Sebastian Leitner developed in the 70s.

The cards not only helped with the preparations, they were also so well received by her classmates that Patricia decided to sell the cards online. With over 140,000 satisfied customers, Leitner Flashcards are now sold internationally by Confetti Campus.

Eco-friendly products & fair production

Leitner Flashcards are produced in the Netherlands in Sneek, a small town by the sea. The Leitner Flashcards print shop is a social employer for people who have difficulties in the labor market due to physical or psychological reasons.

Leitner Flashcards are produced with pride, hand-bound and packaged with love and shipped internationally.